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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a common misconception that people have about building a custom home?


A common misconception people may have about building a custom home is that it's too expensive. In today's market certain home buyers qualify for 97% -100% financing to build a custom home. We can build a basic custom home from around $100/Sq ft.



Can you briefly describe the basic steps in the home building process?


The first step in building a custom home with us is picking out a plan. We encourage prospective homeowners to go online and pick a floor plan and house style they like. Josh is then able to discuss pros and cons of the proposed plan, layouts that traditionally work well and those that don't, and finally pricing options tailored to the clients needs.



What is one of the most important things for future homeowners to consider before construction starts?


One of the most important things for a homeowner to consider before construction starts is useable space. Clients need to consider their lifestyle and decide what space in their home is most important. For example some clients prefer to build their home around a grand kitchen and family gathering space while others find more value in outdoor living. Some want a home in which they can entertain guests and emphasize on dining and entertainment rooms.



How do you balance what your clients want with what's possible?


There is definitely a balancing act between what a client wants in a custom home and what is possible for a budget. We set allowances for our homeowners to go by when shopping for their new home. This is an important aspect to consider in the preliminary planning and pricing of the home. We strive to price our custom homes accordingly and avoid "extra" costs that can be incurred through insufficient allowances. We are available to help clients shop for their specified budget and welcome them to save money in one area in order to "splurge" in another.



Do you have any tips to help make the home building process more enjoyable for people?


For a great building experience we recommend lots of planning. Take the time to pick out cabinets, floor covering and fixtures prior to signing a contract. Allow yourself enough time to make informed decisions and don't necessarily go with a builder because they give you the cheapest price. Review your allowances and make sure your choices fit those allowances. Finally, make sure you are comfortable communicating with your builder of choice and that the lines of communication are open.



What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?


The best way to contact us is through email at Call our office at 803-642-2790. Or visit us on Facebook!



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